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brand ambassadors

Dolly Mariah.jpg

Brand Ambassador

LaLa’s Accessories

Dolly uses fashion to awaken the freedom of expression, with her big hair wigs and campy style.  She allows her fashion to be versatile, turning looks from big blue beehives to giant blonde Afros. Fashion should always be bold and that is what Dolly reminds us.

We love everything about her and the confidence she exudes.

Dolly Mariah

Raw Authenticity

Jolie Rashawn

Q’hariã Martin.jpg

Q’hariã Martin

Q’hariã Martin is a newbie to the print modeling world but she definitely is a silent force to be reckoned with. She exudes sexy and innocence in her work. Her aspirations are to be a entrepreneur or to walk in New York Fashion week. We are truly honored to have her on our team and see much success in her future.

past ambassadors

Camille Warren

Past Ambassador

LaLa’s Purses and Accessories would like to pay homage to one of our Past Ambassadors, Camille Warren. She has truly set the bar high with her talent and vast knowledge on high fashion. We wish her much success and blessings in her future.

Camille Warren
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